Cheerleader Registration

We offer a cheerleading program for those that wish to try their hand at rallying the crowd. Cheerleading is open to girls and boys of all abilities. Cheerleading is excellent for helping self-confidence and for making new friends. Our cheer coach will assist them in learning organized cheers and they will even be featured in between innings for special performances!

Registration fee: $40 per child per year.


For Questions Contact:


Call/Text: (610) 769-2096

How old do you have to be to cheer? Do older kids age out of the program?

 We suggest cheerleaders be at least 3 years old (but if you think your two year old would benefit from cheering and socializing with other kids, sign them up!) We DO NOT have a maximum age restriction! That’s right, you are never too old to be part of the team at Miracle League. That is something that sets us apart from a lot of other special needs programs.

What is included with my registration?

Each cheerleader that signs up gets a cheer jersey to keep and pom-poms to borrow (the exception for jerseys is late sign up after the halfway point through the year). Activities are also included as part of your membership. Our activities are listed on our Activities page and once scheduled they are on our calendar. Take advantage of these free activities that are year-round