Baseball Registration

Outdoor baseball on our state-of-the-art and fully accessible field takes place from April to October broken up into Spring and Fall Seasons. We have weekend games as well as night games under the stadium lights! Our baseball program is non-competitive, so everyone gets to bat and everyone goes around the bases, regardless of ability. We do offer several scheduled competitive games throughout the season for players who want to work on their skills!

For questions or more information about baseball see the FAQs below or contact us.

Registration fee: $40 per child per year.

Registration due by February 19th to receive a jersey for the spring season.

Registrations between February 20th and June 24th will receive a jersey for the fall season.

Registrations after June 24th will not receive a jersey, but are still welcome to play!


For Questions Contact:


Call/Text: (610) 769-2096

How old do you have to be to play? Do older kids age out of the program?

We suggest players be at least 3 years old (but if you think your two year old would benefit from playing and socializing with other kids, sign them up!) We DO NOT have a maximum age restriction! That’s right, you are never too old to be part of the team at Miracle League. That is something that sets us apart from a lot of other special needs programs.

What can I expect to happen after I register?

You’ll get assigned to a team. Each team meets once per week during the season for their assigned game. Check the calendar for when your team plays and just start coming right away! You do not have to wait to start attending games and activities.

What should players wear/bring to games?

Players can wear their team jersey and cap if they wish. We recommend athletic shorts (if weather appropriate) and sneakers. NO CLEATS, please! If players have a bat and glove, they can bring it along, but we provide bats and balls and even have gloves to borrow. Most kids do not use a glove when in the outfield.

What should I expect at a game?

Players should arrive ten minutes early and report to their assigned dugout. If there are volunteers available, a volunteer will be assigned to your child for the length of the game. This means parents can sit in the stands and enjoy the game! The games are non-competitive. Everybody gets to bat each inning. We don’t play with strikes or outs. We just keep pitching until the player gets a hit! Once everyone has had a chance to bat, the players switch and head to the outfield. While in the outfield, your child can field balls if they like or they can just play catch or talk to their volunteer!

What is included with my registration?

Each player that signs up gets a team jersey and baseball cap (the exception is late sign up after the halfway point through the year). Activities are also included as part of your membership. Our activities are listed on our Activities page and once scheduled they are on our calendar. Take advantage of these free activities that are year-round.

What if I can’t make it to my team’s assigned game?

That’s okay! If you can’t come to your team’s game, just come to a different game that week! We understand that things happen and you lead a busy life. We assign players to a team to create team unity and bonding, but if you are busy when your team is scheduled to play, just find a different game that fits into your schedule and come play!

Are there practices/competitive games?

Mostly we just play games. We do have several Clinic/All-Star games per year that are set up for advanced players to work on their skills and where we play a competitive game with strikes and outs. Players enjoy getting to work on their batting and fielding skills and have even beat the Staff team on several occasions. Many of our players name these All-Star games as their favorite events at Miracle League.

What else is at the field?

We have four handicap accessible bathrooms and an inclusive playground. We even have a concession stand (cash only) where you can buy hot dogs, popcorn, soft drinks, and other ballpark fare before or after your game!